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Although the name references to a dangerous and scary execution tool of 17th century France, the guillotine window system shows no hazard risk to the home and facility owners.  The guillotine window system does not have complicated mechanical structures, but rather it is easy to use through a decapitating shield.  These windows come with a fixed top and a mobile bottom shield which can be moved vertically while opening and closing the window. When users need to keep the window open, there are hooks and butterfly clips to support the weight of the window.

What are the Advantages of the Guillotine Window?


The guillotine window is highly flexible and multifaceted, considering the materials used to structure it and can be manufactured in various functions along with color, size, and finish options. Furthermore, guillotine window systems can be utilized in various architectural designs in both residential or commercial projects regardless of the environment from bathrooms to bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchen.  The guillotine window system has another function as the guillotine features can be added to the door systems and the system can be used as a room divider as you wish to divide a very large room into two parts. It may be a great tool to create a privacy area in your living room if enough space is available. And this can be applicable to apparel shops and similar places.

Considering the model and type of pergola at your backyard or on a patio area of a restaurant, the guillotine windows systems can be installed, and it will provide great protection against adverse weather conditions to create a modern environment. As mentioned above, another door version of the guillotine glass systems can be utilized as divider in two sections or a guillotine door system can be installed at the entrance with automatic sensors, which moves horizontally.

Always Trendy

The guillotine systems have always been fashionable in the history and still fashionable. It will be an inevitable utility in your residential or commercial area to provide protection against all weather conditions. If you are interested in retro models to fit in the design of your resident, Ada Pergola offers solutions to meet the designers` needs.  We offer guillotine systems made of light steel and aluminum materials with technological features (remote operations, rain sensors and time arrangeable systems) as desired.

Light and Ventilation

The guillotine windows or doors are very beneficial with the wide opening it offers, which enables rooms filled with lots of sunlight and fresh air.  So the guillotine system is the most preferable method to choose, if your are willing to enhance the natural lighting and more fresh air in your rooms.
Required Space

Guillotine systems are very advantageous as it enables the designers save more internal space while designing the area.  When opening and closing the windows or the door opens vertically or horizontally and it doesn’t have an overlap on the wall. The guillotine systems require not much space. It requires the space of the window or the door sectional area.

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