Ada Pergola offers a multifaceted architecture service that involves design, planning and construction and renovation of outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes .  We offer an array of architectural services to assist our clients fulfil their dream to life, from the primary concept development phase through to construction management and ultimately hand-over.

Ada Pergola offers various design solutions through which our clients can benefit by enhancing the future value of their property.  We offer customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of your projects. Through providing versatile architectural services, Ada Pergola can execute projects effectively whilst building a robust project procurement foundation. We offer professional architectural solutions involving design and planning of a new construction or renovation project.  We support design service with architectural drawings and plans along with a strong construction management personnel to ensure a cost-effective on time project delivery.

Offering Design, Construction and Installation Solutions!


Outdoor Design

We create unique solutions to beautify your outdoor living areas with creative services and products.


Ada Pergola offers design and install aluminum pergolas, bioclimatic systems as well as other elements to add value to your property.


Ada Pergola provides renovations solutions for your commercial and residential properties.


By renovating your property, you will prolong the life span of your property.


Through our welding and fabrication services we design and fabricate ornamental iron elements.


We create unique iron works either modern or vintage to add creativity into your living areas.

Determine the basics!


In this phase, we sit together with our clients and determine the basics of the project to be executed and outline the conditions of the scope of work.  At this stage, we do not communicate the development of the design yet but rather, we communicate with the client through questioning to understand the issues, expectations and the general requirements.

The minutes of these meetings are recorded and possibly supported with the visuals of the property. A site visit will also be performed for a better understanding of the existing magnitude of the space and installation of the proposed structures.  We take the features of the site into consideration and available methods to perform the construction of the structures.  Expedition and determining the requirements at this phase is crucial as we will comprehend the desires and needs by the end of this phase and combine them together in the scope of work.



Utilizing the established program in the former stage, we create diagrams or plans of the proposed work to outline the concept.  Some of our clients may want us to combine design development with the schematic design in order to cut down the costs, and they content with a rough sketch of the work area but we always prefer to start a new project in a more careful and smooth way.

Determining the method of the procurement of client`s choice, we may take the project beyond creating only the plans, especially in commercial projects where it is usual to encounter these accompanied by elevations and conceptual building sections.



Once a schematic design is decided, the design development stage begins. The scope and quality control measure of the project is developed. This stage comprises of creating extra cost planning to determine whether the design fits within the budget and if any adjustments required, these amendments is added to the terms and conditions of the project.  As each project has its own specifications and features, there are no strict lines while deciding if the method is right or wrong. Each project has its own unique values.  This stage may additionally involve adding new dimensions to the design and testing methods to ensure various elements will fit.

This stage can become more detailed than a residential project while choosing the right equipment and materials to ensure the suitability of the performance methods and schedules.  Energy calculations shall also be taken into consideration in order to meet the code requirements through proper function of components such as glass, insulation, and the structure.

Document it!


The design development stage is carried with the creation of performance drawings and  criterias. These construction documents are fundamental to gain building permits from local municipalities. We strictly encourage of clients to rely on these documents and obtain these permits before the construction phase. Any failures as a consequence of lacking permits may result in delay and even mission failures. A list of the construction and renovation permits will be provided to you in accordance with the nature and location of your project.  By acquiring a detailed set of plans, sections, elevations, closed area layouts, component drawings along with other specifications will be provided to you if you don’t have an initial plan to present to the local authorities while obtaining the permits.

Throughout the performance we always coordinate with you and all associated parties in order to assure that everything is performed per the scope of work or not. Adjustments to the project and additional factors to be added within the project may affect the initial budget of the project. Therefore, all the factors should be communicated as much as possible to diminish increasing factors to stay in the budget.

In minor projects, some of our clients do not want us to create detailed specifications. However, the more information and documents are gathered or created, the less delays will happen during the performance. In general, the more information provided, the better, as it minimizes the chances of unknown conditions and pricing changes. For major projects such as commercial ones, working drawings & specifications are almost always included to avoid future issues.

Consult and Administer!


During the construction phase, we closely with the client to provide ongoing consultation and advice.  We always assign a site representative to ensure that the construction and installations are performed in accordance with design and construction documents. Our representative is always knowledgeable regarding the deliverables and the scope of work to ensure the performance meets acceptable standards. We do not make changes or modifications to project performance and deliverables without the oversight, knowledge of the client.  Construction management is not additional service that we provide to you during the performance but if there is a modification to performance occurred due to the additional management requirements, the additional charges may occur.



Each of our completed projects comes with a  warranty  period, giving you peace of mind knowing that your  property’s renovations are in good hands.