Ada Pergola offers the best quality zip curtain systems in Atlanta. It`s a great equipment to provide protection against the sun.  It has a vertically operated curtain system which works automatically and it is easy to control the position and the amount of the sun light in your living space. It is simple but it comes with different colors and designs and can be integrated into all window and display systems. It can be used in all seasons and it will provide you what you need.  While applying it into a project, high level of comfort is aimed and the technical design is applicable to both residential and commercial living spaces. There several color options which enables you to choose the best for your existing or future design.

Ada Pergola`s zip curtains are fabricated from the best quality materials and equipment which can stand adverse weather conditions. It`s great to provide air circulation between indoors and outdoors. It has motorized and manually operated versions by your choice.  The zip curtains functions just like the insect screens and it will protect your residence from the insects too.  It enables you the enjoy the scenery outside while having fresh air and insect free environment inside. High quality fabric protects the indoor from sunlight and provide 25% better insulation. Also , we highly recommend the retail shop owners to have zip curtains to provide protection from the sunlight so their goods will not be influenced in the long run.

It comes with an cassette with a roll-up curtain designed to provide protection against the weather conditions outside. They are ideal for vertical openings in pergolas, patios, verandas and any kind of windows.



Each of our completed projects comes with a  warranty  period, giving you peace of mind knowing that your  property’s renovations are in good hands.