Ada Pergola offers custom window awning systems in Atlanta.  A window awning is a system which completes your existing window or shop display at outdoors cooling the interior with a natural shade and providing privacy. It enables you to save more money by using the air conditioner less and protects your goods from the sun light.

Ada Pergola offers window awning systems constructed of aluminum structure and a heavy duty vinyl  weather guard. We also utilize mesh fabric with different colors available which will match the exterior design of your property.

Each awning is customized with the technical requirements of your current window systems and other specifications you desire.  As this sort of customized products require intensive care, we enure that each awning system will meet the high standards and meet your expectations from an awning system. We will work closely with you while deciding the design, measure as well as the type of the awning system you need. We will work with you to resolve any issues and make every effort to provide satisfactory solutions.



Each of our completed projects comes with a  warranty  period, giving you peace of mind knowing that your  property’s renovations are in good hands.