We offer perfect design and installation solutions with the most versatile type of equipment which are guaranteed and tested to meet or exceed the standards. Designed with aim to offer our clients with custom and effective solutions, our pergola awning system is able to be installed at any living area , choice of colors and style.  Our designers may arrange modular system configuration with a pattern and color scheme convenient to your taste or to the existing structures.  Whether your choice is a motorized system or a manually operated system, we can modify the accessories to meet your expectations.

Our pergola awning system can be installed either as a free-standing structure or structural modification to an existing building and even between two structures. It`s a great solution to create a comfortable living area at your outdoor spaces such as patios or verandas.  The pergola awning system is easily operated to get the sunlight or offer a shading area as a protection against the hazardous ultraviolet lights of the sun.

In the current day market, you may come across similar systems, however Ada Pergola offers a system which will be designed to fit any space and suitable to your architectural needs.  Outdoor industry is endless and there are lots of solutions to create a living space next to your building structures, but Ada Pergola offers the best solution with pergola awning systems which can be adapted to any space and any time.

Aluminum Pergola Design


A pergola is an outdoor structure consisting of columns that support a roofing grid of beams and rafters. This roofing grid may be left open or covered so as to create an area sheltered from the elements. Pergolas may be freestanding or attached to a house.

It`s structure to cover your outdoor living areas consisting of columns to support statical grid of beams or rafters or motorized shade to create a protective environment for your guests or for an equipment to protected from adverse weather conditions. It may offer a motorized shade open on sunny days and closed on wet days. Nowadays it is very fashionable at the cafés and restaurants to create wonderful space for the clients. It can be a free-standing structure, or it can be installed as an expansion to an existing structure`s patio or veranda.  The use of these structures is not limited to the restaurants and recreational areas but also it can be installed at your home or even at bigger structures bearing hundreds of guests at a time.

Other features, such as guillotine windows or retractable windows can be added to the system along with a motorized shade. These features will offer a wind and cold free area which can be opened and closed at any desired time of the day so that the guests will have fun time at a versatile modern area . On a rainy or a snowy day, the area can still be utilized with an additional climatic system. Our pergola system is adaptable to any structure and any system.

Effective and Adventageous


There are various benefits of pergola systems. Down below the advantageous use of these systems are mentioned.

  • Easily operable!

Pergola systems that we offer are structured with the best quality durable aluminum materials and easily operable with motorized control with manual or remote controls. 

  • Effective and Beneficial

The pergola system that we offer is versatile and a modern architectural solution providing flexible solutions to our clients. In some parts of the cities, it will not be possible to gain the permits to build a permanent structure; however, our modular design is prefabricated structure which will not alter the nature and the accepted architectural style of a city. Therefore, it is easy to gain permits while doing a renovation to an existing structure or a newly built building.  Other than these features, it creates a wonderful space at outdoor areas offering protection against the adverse weather conditions, warm in winter and cool in the summer with a climatic system.  Whenever you choose to open the roofs, it is one push away to amaze your guests.

  • Additional space for your guests!

A pergola system is an effective solution to create an extra living space or a recreational area in your facility or in your home.  You operate a restaurant and in time you discover that the number of guests exceeds the expected number, and you don’t have enough closed space to accommodate them, but you have enough open space outside the use of which belongs to your entity.  Pergola is a great way to close this area to create a wonderful paradise on your patio or veranda for your guests.

  • Increasing the Value!

As you have found a way to accommodate more guests and as you have created an extra living space in your home which is fully functional against the weather conditions, the value of your facility or property will increase in the same way. You can see wooden or similar pergolas in the market but the material and the equipment that we offer is more durable against adverse weather conditions and architecturally more compatible. Completing projects successfully, we are compliant with local law and regulations regarding the designs conforming to the architectural, mechanical and electrical standards, which will eliminate delays in the deliveries as well.

  • The Right Choice

Initially, deciding the right design features and the style is significantly important as  it will be hard or costly if you choose to change any of the design features during or after the installation. There are various uses and various styles on your own choice but the expansion to be made to your existing structures should be fit the existing design features. Eventually, Ada Pergola will offer you the best design options to meet your expectations and design criteria of an existing structure. 

Whatever the necessities are, this is one of the most significant points which should be decided before investing in a pergola system.

  • Protection against adverse weather conditions

 The current day scientific data shows that the weather system today is changing substantially. Climate change and global warming requires new prevention methods  against the weather conditions. Therefore, it is beneficial to have a tractable watertight pergola system which is protective against these changes.  Not only the rain and snow but also the wind and the dust are factors to be protected against with this system.

  • Compatible interior and exterior architecture of an existing structure

 Before installing the system at your structure, we take various factors into consideration while choosing the right design conforming with the standards and style of your facility or your home.  We offer unique architectural solutions specific to the choice of terrace furniture and existing roofing system and outdoor architecture in your living area.  The conceptual concerns will have a great importance when determining the right solution to your facility which will offer a unified interesting and refreshening experience to your guests.  As we offer custom design solutions, we will provide solutions compatible with the general design of your structure.

Ultimate Design! Ultimate Solution!


You may purchase an old building structure and you don’t know what to do with it. Unstrengthening the structure and maintaining the utilities has great importance. After finishing all these renovations, you can bring in a cutting-edge technology flexible solution for your facility to have a stylish look with a patio or veranda which has a retractable glass roof system.  It will increase the value of your property and it will gain a versatile look which will surprise all your guests and they will desire to have time there as much as possible…



Ada Pergola offers solutions for modification issues, repairs for an existing system, color options with its significant diversity and modular pergola systems adaptable to any structure in any architectural design, structure, color or pattern.  We offer unified solutions to minimize the costs and installation timeline from logistics to installation of the structures. Eventually, our clients receive awning solutions for any outdoor living area such a dining space, lounge space at restaurant or a café with customizable solutions.

We offer modern architectural solutions to beautify the living areas in your building or facilities with neo-architectural and aesthetical solutions to enable living spaces to expand into your patio or veranda area. Whether it`s a restaurant or living area, the solutions Ada Pergola offers will create a waterproof, protective against adverse weather conditions area which will keep the cold away in the winter and sunlight in the summertime with an aesthetical look.  We provide ultimate protective solutions regardless of the climate in your region. 



Each of our completed projects comes with a  warranty  period, giving you peace of mind knowing that your  property’s renovations are in good hands.