Guillotine Window Systems

Ada Pergola offers versatile guillotine glass windows system solutions for your existing and newly built properties.  We offer aluminum railing systems convenient for all seasons along with its folding roof feature. The system provides protection against sunny weather and rainy weather with its thermal insulation features.  It is a great utility installed in cafés, restaurants, pastry shops and even in winter gardens. But the system is applicable to your residential areas such as patio area, verandas or apartment balconies.  The system can be operated manually, or a motorized system can be installed with remote control features. It has multiple uses and is an absolute solution to weather conditions.

 It`s an innovative solution in the window systems and an automation system can be added to your choice of your design. It involves two vertically retractable sliding frames and can be operated manually easily.  It offers a beautiful view of the outdoors free of the weather conditions with its minimalistic design of the frames. Throughout the year, it will provide your guests with a panoramic view of the outdoors and your guests will be amazed with the stylish look of the closed area. It`s a great tool to create an expanded area with its integrated features of bi-fold or retractable systems.  It`s a weather-tight system that can easily be operated depending on the weather conditions.

It`s modern and stylish!


A guillotine window is a type of window that has an opening scheme very similar to the guillotines. The top sheet is fixed, but the bottom sheet rises and falls vertically, opening and closing the window. To keep it open, hooks or butterflies are used to support the weight of the window. Guillotine windows are versatile and can be used in any residential or commercial project  and in any environment, from bathrooms to bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. They can also be used as room dividers, being installed between the rooms just like in Japanese homes.

Guillotine glass window is a system that can operated manually or an automatically operated motorized system can be chosen depending on the budget. It`s a horizontal sliding window panel system which evolves the area into an open and ventilated area while the area can be transformed into a warm weather tight location on a cold winter day. The properties of glass and aluminum profiles meet excellent thermal and safety standards. It allows easy ventilation without taking extra space and forming a security risk with its retractable features.

Energy Efficient and Easily Operable!


If you seek a functional elegant panoramically ideal window system, there are various benefits of the guillotine glass window systems. It’s a fashionable system within the residential communities as well as commercial clients. Below this article, we have presented various benefits of the system that we offer. It can be applied to your pergola system or to your balcony at your residential unit to provide protection against the weather conditions. It offers an aesthetical look along with its practical use. By installing these systems, we can evolve your living areas into a paradise of comfort and fashion.

  • Bringing in Aesthethetics with Guillotine Glass Window Systems.

Guillotine Glass Window System offers an aesthetical solution to your residential and commercial areas. Offering sophisticated solutions, it adds modernity and aesthetics into your outdoor living area.  Constructed of best quality glass panels in the system , the systems allows a panoramic view of your surroundings, building a beautiful connection between interior and exterior spaces.  The guillotine glass window systems can be applied to your winter gardens, balconies, patios and verandas creating an uninterrupted panoramic view of your outdoor space.


  • Flexible Design Alternatives

Guillotine glass windows can be built with a wide range of design options.  Our designers can customize the design of your pergola meeting your expectations and preferences. The system we provide is constructed of high quality aluminum frames and we offer color and design options matching with the architectural features of your area. It`s flexible with the choice of single and multiple glass panels considering the size and the layout plans of the application area. We can create an expansion to your living areas with a pergola system installed with guillotine glass window and door systems to increase the aesthetics of your commercial or residential area.


  • Creating a ventilated energy efficient area

Integrating the system into your balcony or your pergola system, we can increase the advantageous of the sunlight and fresh air circulation. As the glass has a transparent feature, it will allow enough sunlight to the living area. It will increase the ambient character of the area and it will provide energy efficiency without the use of artificial lighting throughout the day.  You can efficiently open the system partially or fully allowing efficient ventilation.  Your clients will enjoy the fresh air and the ambient nature while keeping a comfortable temperature within your living area.


  • Additional Glass Door interconnected with The Pergola Area.

A glass door will eliminate the limits between indoor and outdoor living spaces, offering a perfect transition between these spaces.  If you fully open the door, it will allow you to expand your interior spaces with the exterior pergola area creating a functional area for event organizations.

  • Privacy and Protection

Along with its transparent features, it offers privacy and protection when required. There are tinted and frosted glass types to allow privacy without influencing the solar advantages. Our system is constructed of durable materials allowing a level of security  against potential intruders.  Create a peaceful area by adding an aesthetical feature to your living areas with our guillotine glass window systems .


  • Weather-tight Guillotine Windows

Ada Pergola offers guillotine windows which offers protection against adverse weather conditions as a great option to add into your balcony or in your pergola at your property. Our guillotine windows are made of tempered and laminated glass allowing durability and resistance to fragilities. Guillotine glass windows are constructed to withstand moisture, high temperatures and ultraviolet light exposure. These windows are engineered to withstand the elements, allowing you to enjoy your pergola year-round without worrying about their performance or maintenance.


  • Easy Operation and Maintenance

Guillotine windows are user-friendly with its easy operation and cost-effective maintenance needs.The neo-design of these doors allows effortless sliding motion, making it a slide away to open and close them. Many guillotine glass window systems are constructed with smooth gliding mechanisms, allowing a seamless and easy user experience. Furthermore, the equipment used in their nature are often resistant to rust, corrosion, and fading, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. With less maintenance efforts, you can fully enjoy the benefits of guillotine glass windows without the limits of extensive repairs or replacements.

  • Energy Efficient

The environmental concerns poses a great consciousness regarding the energy efficient equipment and tools.  Guillotine glass window systems can be utilized as a contribution to the energy efficiency of your living area.  The transparent glass allows ambient sunlight to illuminate the space, minimizing the dependence on artificial lighting throughout the day. This will decrease energy consumption during the daytime maintaining a convenient temperature within your living space. Sustainability is our biggest concern.



Each of our completed projects comes with a  warranty  period, giving you peace of mind knowing that your  property’s renovations are in good hands.