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In Atlanta, Ada Pergola offers  patio covers  roofing systems where you can create an additional area to enjoy your free times, or you can accommodate events.  It creates a weather protective environment just at your back or front yard, providing protection against sun, rain and wind while expanding your living space.  Pergola is a combination of rafters, beams, and posts can be installed at your back yard as free-standing structure or it can be attached to a property with a close consideration to landscaping and architecture.  There are various styles such as gazebo as a free-standing structure with a pitched roof and the roof of a pergola is generally flat.  In some regions, arbor also is used to refer as pergolas, but arbors are structures which support plants like vine or used to direct the foot traffic in your backyard.

A pergola is an expansion to your living spaces which will extend the amount of time you spend at your backyard or a poolside welcoming guests with relaxing features.  Outdoor living spaces are very trendy and it is a way to increase the value of a property.

Pergola Considerations

The points mentioned below should be considered before hiring Ada Pergola  to design landscaping and installing a pergola:

Orientation: The determination of the space and location of your pergola is greatly important. It can be north, south, east or west but the features of the location should be surveyed first.

Materials: We offer aluminum pergola systems with glass and vinyl roofing options with motorized controls. Guillotine window systems or turnable corner windows can be added into the system to create an ultimate comfortable space at your back yard.

Budget: The two most significant expenses will be labor and materials. Ada Pergola offers different pricing options depending on the size and the materials and equipment chosen.

Contractor: Choosing Ada Pergola as a contractor to beautify your patio space will be the right choice because we offer cost-effective pricing options with professional architectural solutions.

Building codes: Most outdoor structures require the approval of a building inspector or planning commissioner. Local government officials here in Atlanta should have guidelines on setbacks and height restrictions. Before starting the execution of the project, it`s better you acquire all the permits, so you won`t have delays and failures in your mission.

Zoning laws: Same as above, zoning laws should be taken into consideration and all permits should be acquired before the performance of the project.

Do you need to obtain city, county, or regional zoning laws and approvals? Depending on where you live, this process can take a long time, so stay on top of it if you want the project done within the next few months or even years. Committees sometimes meet sporadically, and applications can fall through the cracks.

Attached or standalone: It is all about the space that you are going to use for your pergola. We can create a design fitting into the structural design of your property or we can design a free standing pergola at your back or front yard.