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Increase the Value of Your Property! Increase the revenues!

Nowadays an expansion to your restaurant or a café for an outdoor dining area is really fashionable.  Building a relaxing open-air space for your guests to have cocktails and enjoy delicious food is one of the preferable ways to enhance restaurant turnover.  A relaxing dining area does not appeal customers, but it additionally offers guests with more seating options. What can be more relaxing than eating outside at a patio area designed with motorized roofing and shading systems?

You are in the right place as Ada Pergola offers architectural design and installation services with it`s motorized shades, retractable doors and windows as well other options to create the comfort for your guests.  It means more seating for the restaurateurs during high temperature months or on a rainy day, you will have a great place to welcome your guests. Regardless of the type of facility, an outdoor seating area is a very great to utility to accommodate more customers. While enhancing the business, the customers seek opportunities beyond the food and service, they need a comfortable recreational area. The ambiance, amenities and the architectural design of your service area is more effective than a standard outdoor area or a shade system.

Increase Value of Your Property

Developing a design model and installing a beautiful, motorized Pergola outdoors of your restaurants, bars or cafés, you will create a high-class ambient environment for your guests.  Utilizing a remote control, you can operate the louvers for desired amount of shade, ventilation and sunlight.  When the weather is rainy or cold, you can close the area roof and the guillotine windows to create a warm area for your guests. It`s not a seasonal investment but one that will increase the value for the entire life of your property.

A well-designed pergola area will increase the property value by increasing the number of seats, creating a utmost dining experience. These factors will get the attention of more guests and it will draw more passers-by into your facility.  Regardless of the season, the motorized pergola system will always accommodate more guests than a normal restaurant.   Fans, heaters, coolers can be added into the system to keep your guests comfortable regardless of the weather conditions.

A comfortable dining experience adding some luxury into the system will create a memorable dining  experience for your clients and they will love to share their experiences with a vine or a selfie on social media.  It is inevitable that the profit of your facility will increase, and this is another factor increasing the business value of it.

Along with a pergola system furnished with high quality tempered glass guillotine window system, Ada Pergola can offer a design which may accommodate a brick pizza oven, gas fire pit or table, outdoor movie theatre systems broadcast big games and events, ornamental lighting to enhance the ambiance, strong speaker systems, heating, and cooling systems. Automated privacy screens, misting systems, heaters, and designer fans are just some of the custom add-ons that are sure to impress your customers.

Ada Pergola transforms outdoor spaces into sophisticated dining or social areas that are sleek, stylish, and comfortable in all types of weather. A closed and climatically controlled patio or a deck not only enhances your guests` dining experience but also increase the revenues from outdoor seating even in the unfavorable weather conditions.