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We renovate your outdoor spaces with expansive aluminum pergola systems or free-standing structures at your garden where you can relax, have family meals or party and eventually increase the value of your property. If you have an open space at the backyard or a patio area, Ada Pergola will assist you create an additional living space as a natural expansion of your home. With the architectural solutions we provide, we can create ultimately beautiful designs to fit into your taste and the current aesthetical look of your property.

A place in your patio area or in the backyard for relaxation and sharing a warm space with your guests would be really ideal for barbeque or evening cocktails. You will go beyond the boundaries of your current home with a pergola system structured with an automatic roof system and create a place for family gatherings, friends, and neighbors or a private paradise of relaxation only for you.

Outdoor Living Space

It`s no doubt that a well-designed outdoor living space is a  great extension to your home; but it is more than that, it is a paradise where you can escape and relax for a while or arrange parties enjoying the peaceful ambiance of natural surroundings. Additional features such as live or artificial flowers can be included within the area by your taste. You can consult with our team for what we can do more while creating your paradise.

Covered Backyard Kitchen

Feasting al fresco is always a joy when you can dial in the right amount of sun or shade, and even in the rain. Enjoy languorous meals in the comfort of a covered dining room year-round. Amenities such as gas ranges, pizza ovens, refrigerators can be outfitted to meet your needs.

No Weather Impact

Regardless of the weather conditions you can arrange parties when you have the pergola system that  we offer.  Creating a stylish outdoor space, we take your dining and entertaining experience to a higher level through the aesthetical touch of our architects.  Such a pergola system may host cookouts, cocktail parties, birthday celebrations, and other social events in the comfort of your backyard without worrying about having a back-up plan. Nothing would be more beautiful than a fire pit lounge while enjoying the starts and drink a glass of wine while chatting with the friends.

An automatic pergola system at your pool deck will enable you to enjoy the sun or provide a cool shade on the mid-summer hot days.  Based

Poolside and Deck Pergola

Enjoy as much direct sun or cool shade you desire with an adjustable louvered roof to cover your pool deck. Based on the area size of your backyard and pool set up, we can design a freestanding pergola over a pool or install a pergola system as an expansion to your home.

Outside Wellness Retreat

Just next to your house you can catch up with the nature while performing meditation under the beautiful oasis of a well-designed pergola. It will provide the tranquility for quiet contemplation, sun salutations, and nurturing your physical and spiritual well-being. It will bring in peace and balance in your life as it will be a home yoga studio which is designed to meet your aesthetical vision.

Outdoor Learning Environment

In today`s educational world, motivation is everything for the kids and a peaceful outdoor learning environment for the students of all ages may meet this need.  Ada Pergola offers a weather-tight system learning environment which can be enhanced with AC system or a heating system with a proper lighting option to meet standards for education.